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What services are offered by Birmingham escorts?

When someone mentions escorting, most of us assume they’re being euphemistic. While ‘escorting’ is, of course, a term for professional sex work, you might be surprised what it actually involves.

Some Birmingham escorts Services have estimated the rate of customers who expect full, penetrative sexual intercourse during their sessions at as little as 20%. So what are the other 80% paying for?

Not just intercourse

First on the list is the non-euphemistic side of escorting – company. Many men who hire escorts are simply looking for the company of a beautiful woman who’ll hang off their every word and accompany them to various hotspots, such as casinos and even the theatre. Birmingham escorts report frequent liaisons with moguls who claim not to have the time for a longterm relationship, hiring escorts for romantic company that may or may not involve intercourse.

Sex parties

It may also surprise you to learn that many escorts aren’t hired by just one person. Sex parties in Birmingham sometimes hire escorts to increase numbers, asking that they join the general ‘fray’ of proceedings rather than booking them to have intercourse with any one person. When part of the appeal of such gatherings is engaging in sexual acts in front of a crowd, at some times you need to hire someone for the sex, but at others you need to hire someone to be part of an appreciative, great-looking crowd of people. That’s right; there are escorts being paid simply to witness someone else’s sex.

Escorts are also likely to be hired by couples and, yes, by cheating spouses, though these groups seldom represent repeat custom.


Where the big money comes in is in non-standard sex acts – what’s often referred to as ‘kink’ by the sexually adventurous. While oral, vaginal, digital, and anal sex are all on the table for the average Birmingham escort, they’re also prepared to meet a wide variety of requests that are decidedly off the beaten path. Some escorts report clients wanting to buy their underwear (sometimes to wear themselves) as well as their shoes and even fluids. Foot fetishists will pay extra to meet their particular needs, while amateur photographers and videographers may book a session with the specific aim of creating ‘souvenirs’ for later, a practice which can get complicated if they hope to subsequently make money off their efforts. Golden showers and even coprophilia have been proposed to some Birmingham escorts, but contrary to antiquated ideas about consent, this is generally an arrangement that an escort will both negotiate in advance of meeting a client AND according to her own comfort levels.

Sex workers are, of course, able to turn down requests that are outside their comfort zone, but many are also open to unusual requests for a steep price hike. Some Birmingham escorts report charging as much as £3000 – an average week’s wage – for special requests, while others expect a generous tip from repeat customers.

Of course, much of escorting is still sex work, and it’s as usual for an escort to be wined and dined for hours as it is for them to be summoned to a discount hotel for an hour’s ‘fun’.

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